Friday, 22 January 2016

Becoming Myself

But if I tell people what I need maybe they'll walk away. And if I open up and show them all of me it will hurt all the more when they walk away, or worse when they reject me. These are the stories that I tell myself. Because of this I show people some and keep the rest hidden, then if they go, I say 'it's ok, they didn't know the real me.' I feel this emotion in my heart, all this pain surfaces and aches, disappointment and sadness, rejection and abandonment. A tight ball of hurting energy.

But what is the greater truth here? If I reach out and ask people will help me. I do matter and my needs will be met. But people are not mind readers, I have to ask.

'Deep down there is a recognition that you, me, all of us in becoming ourselves, that by realising the possibility of who we are, that that is a world changing act.' I have always wanted to change the world but I never knew how. Now I know, be myself. In this day and age, that is world changing.

'You need a tribe of support around you. We need to gather our tribe to make the greatest difference with our gifts.' So here I am, grounding my energy into the earth, reaching out to those around me, to my deeper intuition and to life itself and developing the trust that life will catch me if I fall. Don't turn away, don't disconnect, look, see, pay attention, the sweetest moments are yet to come.

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