Friday, 18 December 2015

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum

So last night Miss R and I had dinner and then tried to go to a rum tasting - I say tried because the four of us who were going were the only people there in the end and so the owner said she was going to cancel it. But it seemed a shame since we were already there so how about we open a bottle of rum and at least try one thing? Well, ok, I'm not that big on rum but I wasn't going to argue. Actually this was my first time drinking rum as a sipping drink on its own, and this one was quite nice.
After that she decided that she had plenty of taster bottles that we should try, and shouldn't I really try that Maiden Gin again, just in case I liked it this time? Turns out I didn't but I did like the apple gin, and the elderflower vodka and a few other gins that she poured me. 
By this point there were a couple of lads who worked there who had wandered in, and everyone else decided to buy a bottle of rum between them. I wasn't that fussed so the owner gave me more free gin to try, and told me I should have more of the first rum - because once the bottle is open she can't sell it anyway. 
I got chatting to the lads - they were really sweet - and the Christmas decorations covered everyone in glitter and I felt all like David Bowie. In the end, we left, covered in glitter, and went to Munchies to get garlic bread to soak up all the alcohol. Luckily I was dog sitting not far away, so not far to stumble home! I might give the school night tastings a miss in future though....

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