Monday, 7 December 2015

A Love Letter to Myself

I've been going for a bit of counselling lately just to get more perspective on a few things. Last week the lady asked me to write a love letter so myself. I read it out to her today and she loved it. She even had a little cry.

Dear Nat,
Life has been pretty hard the last few years and maybe you feel like you're not as sparkly as you once were, but I think it's important that we take stock of the situation, lest we forget what really matters in life:
I'd like to tell you that you are brave for getting through your time so far with so much laughter and humour, I do think you've had more hassle than some but more joy than some too. You are noted for your laugh, it really is rather loud but also infectious, or so I hear. You like trying new things and you like pattern and colour and sparkle and you bring all this to the world. You somehow manage to dance whimsically through life spotting ridiculous, beautiful, interesting things along the way and even though you might feel pressure from the world to go at a different pace, don't cave in. People love you because you are you, and you let them be them too.
You're giving and generous and spirited and kind and people notice what you say and what you do, even if some days you don't feel it. You have clear gut instincts that keep you out of trouble, listen to them carefully, your body tells you a lot about where you should be going - or in some cases when you need to stay put. Inspiration and guidance come to you from the unlikeliest of places, stay open and you will know what to do.
Above all be kind to yourself, take breaks and sing songs, and wear dresses and dance round the kitchen, in short do the things that make you happy, take care of your body and yourself, give yourself space to be who you are, take naps, pet dogs, talk to people, stop and look at interesting things.
In the end all you need to do is be yourself and all beauty and goodness will follow,
Yours always,

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