Sunday, 29 November 2015

Mother's Ruin

After last week's Whiskey tasting with Miss R, I dragged her to a gin tasting to get her back. It turned out that not only did we have the usual 6 gins to try, the guy from Anno distillery was there too so we got to try all of his gins too!

Anno is distilled in a little village in Kent, Andy and Norman were both chemists by trade and set up business a few years ago when they bought some copper stills from Germany. I wasn't as keen on the flavoured ones, but I like the regular Anno gin, and I really loved the Anno 60 - that was to celebrate Andy and Norman's 60th birthdays this year. It is 60%, which is just over 57% which is Navy strength, the strength alcohol needed to be to make sure it hadn't been watered down on the voyage - they used to put in on some gunpowder and set it alight and if it failed to burn then it had been watered down.

We met a lovely couple there who had been round the distillery tour and they recommended it. I kept in touch with the lady and she gave me some really great beer recommendations - including beer that tastes of coffee (BBNo) and a beer that tastes like bacon! (Mikeler).

After that we got down to the other gins. We looked at another local one called Maiden, which is made in Maidstone. I really didn't like the packaging, and the gin was pretty rough around the edges for me. I quite liked the William Chase, that was pretty smooth. We tried some genever, I had never had that, that is somewhere between a whiskey and a gin and I wasn't overly keen on that. I really quite liked the Dogs Nose, that was pretty smooth with some really nice botanicals and a much softer flavour than I was expecting from the packaging. My favourite of the evening was Jinzu, it is flavoured with cherry blossoms and has a really creamy finish.

Again we got pretty drunk - especially given that we had double the amount! This time, we stopped off at Munchies on the way home and I got a jacket potato, much more sensible!

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