Sunday, 22 November 2015

Bourbon Tasting

Yesterday I went with the lovely Miss R to a bourbon tasting session at our local wine shop. She's been to a few tasting sessions there but I never have so this was very exciting. I really didn't know what to expect - we rocked up at 8pm to the shop, and they had glasses and several bottles lined up on the counter.

The proprietor Jamie poured out the first one and apologised - usually his wife hosts these because she knows a lot more about spirits than he does but she is ill today. Since I don't know anything about bourbon it didn't bother me in the slightest. We tried several including Mellow Corn, which I wasn't keen on, Elijah Craig which was alright and some Wild Turkey, among other things. He told us about how the charred barrels came from an accident at the Elijah Craig place, where the barn was struck with lightning and the barrels got charred. When they took the spirits out at the end, they turned out all the better for that, and so they carried on charring the barrels to make the whiskey. My favourite one was in a quirky bottle, and was much smoother than the rest. I guess I won't be much of a bourbon drinker!

Miss R ended up talking to a chap about her studies and I got chatting to his friend who is an architect, he was really funny and we got pretty merry together. It was fun! Since I got dragged along to whiskey, I'm getting my revenge with a gin tasting next week. Should be fun!

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