Sunday, 16 August 2015

Oultlands Festival

Miss R often goes places and does stuff and luckily for me she tells me about it and I tag along. Today we went to the Outlands Festival - this is the third weekend in a row that it's been running, it is run by Music for Change and had several bands and other exciting things on. We mainly went to see Emily Watts, who has just brought out a new EP 'From the Blue' and is doing a seaside tour.

We also got to see Thomas Ashby - who plays a drum with one foot and a tambourine with the other. He played a lovely cover of Riptide and his own lovely, lovely music.

I'm glad the weather stayed dry and people seemed to enjoy it - and all in a good cause!

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Sports Day and Jive - The Oddest Combination?

I've been a bit off colour for a long while, but it feels like things are finally starting to get back on track. People are coming up to me in the street more, my friends are ringing me more and I'm wearing more colour again, yippee!

Yesterday was one of those days where everyone invited me to something! I went out for coffee with one of my flatmates then spent the afternoon at Miss R's retro Sports Day and then I went Jiving in the evening with R & N. When I say jiving I really mean out to dinner and then having a chat out on the terrace with the occasional dance but you know what I mean! I'm starting to really enjoy dancing again, and not just dancing but all the socialising and meeting new people that comes with it. Life feels a bit more joyful which is a relief.

People start warming up for the events:

We start the actual relay:

And we have some winners! The housemates have won! 

After that everyone else stayed on to play Rounders while four of us went to the house to set up for the bbq. I have no idea why but Miss R thought it would be a good thing to put Marisca and I in charge of the crisps - I'm surprised there were any left.

I went early to go and meet R & N so we could go over to Margate. We went out for dinner at Roost - it's pretty easy going chicken n' chips place but their macaroni cheese is amazing, as it the Asian style slaw.

And then we rolled ourselves down the hill to Morgans for a dance. I spent a lot of the evening on the balcony chatting with people, it was lovely to catch up with a few familiar faces and get to know some new ones. I did get a few jives in though and even a Charleston.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Roaring Fun

I went to my first Charleston class today, it was so much fun! There were only about 8 of us in the class and it was pretty fast paced with lots of energy. I was really glad that Nic told me to wear leggings and a sports bra, you really move and you really sweat. We did a routine to Speakeasy from Bugsy Malone. The teacher, Hayley, broke it down into little bits and then we ran through the whole thing three times at the end. It was a lot of fun - I think next week we are doing a Fred Astaire number and Hayley has asked the girls to bring feather boas and the lads to bring canes.... I can't wait!

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Nancy's Coleslaw

I've been out strolling with Nancy recently and then we usually go back to hers for dinner. Yesterday we had a 3 mile walk out and then she made me pizza and the most wonderful variation on a coleslaw salad. Yum!

Nancy's Coleslaw Salad

finely slice or grate:
red cabbage
red onion

combine in a jar and mix:
olive oil 
a good amount of lemon juice
a couple of teaspoons of sugar

pour the dressing over the salad. 

(optional bits include white cabbage, spring onions, chopped apple or sultanas)