Sunday, 8 February 2015

Jive Night: Lew Lewis and The Caezars

This was the first jive event of the new year for me - it's great to be back! The Legendary Phil was not there, but that didn't stop everyone else coming out. I was wearing a blue dress and the girl behind the bar said 'Did you make it yourself? Is that a Vogue 1957 pattern? My mum made me the same one with the same buttons as yours!'. We got some dancing in before the Lew Lewis Trio came on. They were fantastic but pretty fast paced rockabilly, so while I had a couple of dances which were fun, fun, fun but I mostly hung out and watched.

After that there was more of a set by a DJ, and then The Caezars came on. They were more mainstream rock than jive, but they did have a double bass. I think the flyers described them as "Vintage styled Rock'n'Roll that Tarantino would be proud of" - Timeout Magazine. The Caezars were pretty energetic, there was a lot of jumping about, and it was pretty fast too, but we got a stroll in for one of the slower songs, and I think the lead singer was impressed. They loosened up gradually when they realised we were a much more relaxed crowd than London. They played a couple of encore songs and I got a couple of dances in, though it was pretty damn fast. They reminded me a lot of the music I listened to when I was younger, I really enjoyed it. For the very last song they told us that when they cut the music everyone had to shout 'Hail Caezar!' so we had a little practise and someone at the side shouted 'Fuck you!' which really tickled them, so during the song they singer kept passing the mic to the side and you'd get a little 'Fuck you!' after we'd all shouted. The last time he didn't do it and the lead singer stopped the song until he'd said it.

Afterwards I had a couple of dances but I was pretty knackered so I decided to get my boots on. I ran into the lead singer and we ended up having a chat. He's from Bristol, he's about 23 and he's been singing since he was 15. He was sporting a beard so I was pretty surprised that he was that young and he said it wasn't a statement, his shaver is broken! It's getting pretty itchy and he can't wait to shave. He seemed like a pretty nice guy, he said that he had enjoyed playing there and that in the early days of the band they played a lot of Rockabilly gigs and these days they are a bit more mainstream so it was nice to get back to that. 

It was a lovely night out, it was nice to be dancing, great to see everyone again, and really great to be introduced to a new band. Fun!

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