Monday, 12 January 2015

Film Night in 3D

It's the first time in a long time that I've visited Fairy Princess Mummy and the family and it was delightful as always. The older FP now has her own bedroom so I was on the sofa in the front room for the night which was surprisingly comfy. She is growing up pretty fast! FP Daddy had just bought a 55" 3D telly with a couple of 3D glasses so of course we had to have a play about. We ended up drinking lots of wine (and bucks fizz... and prosecco...) with various neighbours and watching films. FP Daddy always has an interesting film or two lined up for me when I visit, and Saturday night was no exception. We watched What We Do in the Shadows

It was just hilarious! and as an added bonus it has Jermaine and Murray from Flight of the Conchords in it. Well worth a watch. We also watched Dark Knight Rises which I hadn't seen before, and some documentaries about sea life in 3D - that really was exciting. I'd love to see David Attenborough in 3D, that would be amazing!

On the Sunday we all rose pretty late, even baby FP who got up at 9.30! We had panettone for breakfast and mooched about til I caught my train home at about 4pm. It was so lovely to see them - I look forward to more film night fun next time.

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