Sunday, 25 January 2015

Curry, Russian Revel-ette and Bird Watching

I just came home from a weekend with Mrs Im. All of us were pretty tired so it was pretty chilled. As usual I showed up bearing something ridiculous:

Yes! I finally managed to finish the symbiotic sock sea slug I was working on! Now Agatha has some company :)

We fairly much just hung out and chatted and made curry. This time we decided not to go for lemon noodles, so the lads had beef chilli hotter than the surface of the sun (you know it's hot when Mr. Im starts sweating....) and we had rice, quorn sausages covered in tabasco and a dry roasted cauliflower curry:

Mrs. Im's Roasted Cauliflower Curry

2 pts ground coriander
1 pt cumin
1 pt ground ginger
1/2 pt ground fenugreek
1/2 pt ground turmeric
some chilli
some onion seeds

Chop a cauliflower and place in a roasting pan. Mix all of the above with some groundnut oil and paint onto the vegetable. We used a cauliflower and some potato beware that the potato takes longer to cook than the cauli. Bake in a medium oven until the cauli looks soft and a bit crisp on the outside.

After dinner we watched The Last Leg which was hilarious, and played Russian Revel-ette with a bag of Revels - I mostly got malteser but Mrs Im kept getting the coffee ones which she passed on to me or the Mr. I passed on my orange one to her so it evened out somewhat!

The next day we had coffee and marmite and quorn sausage sandwiches for breakfast and then we took part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch - - and sat for an hour with binoculars recording all the birds we could see in the garden (once we'd locked the cats inside of course). We saw starlings, blue tits, wood pigeons, collared doves, a robin, a magpie and plenty of swallows.

Then we chatted about life and parents and other things and Mrs Im remembered to give me the 2kg bag of red lentils she had brought me, and the spicy peri-peri nuts and I was away to catch my train. What a lovely weekend!

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