Sunday, 18 January 2015

Birthday Bash!

Miss R has a birthday bash every year and it's usually somewhere I've never been before. This year she hired out Tea and Times after hours and we transformed it with candles, a sound system and an awful lot of booze.

After a couple of us had transformed the joint, we were pretty hungry so we cracked open a bottle of cava and.... went out for fish and chips. The gentlemen behind the counter were so lovely they gave me a free curry sauce!

We had a ridiculously large bottle of Ouzo that no-one opened, two amazing birthday cakes, and a very beautiful non-alcoholic punch. I started off drinking it with gin, but later on I drank it on its own and it was just as glorious.

Megan's Amazing Punch

Make some really strong chai tea and leave to steep. Juice a couple of lemons (or use lemon juice) and several limes, leave a couple of limes sliced so you can garnish the punch. Add some 3 or 4 star anise and some soda water to taste.

As usual Deb and I chatted some crafty-ness and then spent the rest of the night dancing about in the silliest possible manner. He fella even tried to teach up to twerk but I think I might be needing more tone in my bum muscles for that one. The playlist was much more classy than I would have had it, but I'm not particularly hip. I did at least recognise All About The Base, and later on they started playing 90s stuff like Fat Boy Slim so we got a chance to have a dance around.

Deb also passed on her grandma's sugar free cake recipe that she used to use from the Ration Cookbook from the war. Originally this would have had only 2oz of fruit in it! I can't wait to try it.

Grandma's Sugar Free Fruit Cake

- 8oz marg
- 8oz flour
- 8oz mixed fruit
- 2 eggs
- a little milk

Rub the flour and marg into breadcrumbs. Mix in the fruit and then beat the eggs in with a little milk until the mix gets to dropping consistency. Bake at 140 C for 1hr - 1.15.

We all had a great night, I got to meet exciting people, and I was one of the few who stayed behind and cleaned everything up. We got that place ship shape in half an hour, we're so good! I got home about 2.30am and fell into bed.

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