Sunday, 30 November 2014

Jive Night: Pulsators

Friday night was the first jive night I've been to for a while. Miss T and I started the evening by going to a 30th Birthday bash and eating far too much chilli and rice, and then we all rolled ourselves up to the gig in time to hear the band start.

Pulsators are a local quartet headed up by the lovely Serena Sykes on vocals and then a guitarist, a drummer and a chap on a very handsome double bass. They were a little bit rough and ready but they were a lot of fun. Serena has a beautiful voice and at one point they spontaneously decided to do a song that they hadn't played live - or really rehearsed - before. They did a fair number of jivers which meant that most of us were on the floor for most songs, though they had a few fast ones and a couple of strollers too.

I had a wee chat with Serena while the band were packing up and she's lovely. She's from Huddersfield though she's been down south for about seven years. She started singing when she was 14. The band haven't been together long so they are not as polished as some of the other bands I've seen but they are really shaping up.

I got a couple of cheeky dances in with the legendary Phil before he got too drunk (he gave me an aniseed ball as well - I haven't had one for years!) and managed to stay on the dance floor nearly all night, and mostly with the lads rather than just Miss T.

Yesterday afternoon, my other dance teacher Andrew hosted an event to raise money and tins for the foodbank - it was £1 and four items entry fee. There weren't as many people there as a usual Tuesday night but it was a really nice atmosphere. Andrew and Kate taught us a couple of moves at the beginning for about an hour and then we got to just dance. There were a few people there I hadn't seen in a while and I got to meet a few new people who don't make it to the evening classes. All round a very lovely afternoon for a good cause.

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