Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Happy Day 97: Friends Reunited

#100HappyDays Day 97: I went into the big city after work to meet up with my friend Mary who I haven't seen for eight years, since her wedding in fact. We both ended up living in other countries and wandering around the place failing to grow up... and in the meantime lost track of one another. We met at the train station for tea and cake (with the biggest teapot I've seen!) and a gossip.

After tea (a copper leaved oolong to match Mary's hair), we had a wander to try and find a restaurant. We ended up going up a small street with nothing much in it apart from this light sculpture that changed colours and had a swing in the middle of it. Some one was having a good old swing as we walked past.

We finally ambled back the right way and had some dinner. It was such a lovely catch up, it was like we'd seen each other yesterday. We talked about what had changed and what hasn't, about our families and mutual friends, what interests we've taken up, what books we're reading. She promised that we would see each other soon and I promised to give her the dates of my holidays from work.

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