Thursday, 13 November 2014

Happy Day 91: Chinese Whispers

#100HappyDays Day 91: I've been tired and a bit grumpy and cold today... and then we had to stand up in our sign language class and describe our living room to everyone. I'd forgotten what it was like to 'present' something - I actually got really nervous. After that, our teacher Sean decided to lighten the mood and got us to divide into two groups and have a round of chinese whispers... in sign language! Our group started off with a mime of a cowboy strapping on ammo, smoking a cigar, getting on his horse and having a gun fight but by the time it got to me it looked more like the YMCA. The other group had a golfer who picked out his iron, shined the ball on his shirt, put the tee and the ball down, hitched up his trousers and took a proper swing at it, but by the end this had migrated into someone eating an apple and taking a slight swing with a cricket bat. We were howling. I actually cried with laughter, it was utterly hilarious.

I also had a really interesting seminar on the History of British English where we looked at a few words that have died out (lexical loss) - I particularly liked aspectable = visible, suppediate = furnish, expede = accomplish, eximonious = distinguished (ex in this case means out, so stand out), deruncinate = eradicate (take the roots out) and temulent = intoxicated. I'll just have to find some way of slipping a couple of these into conversation maybe.

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