Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Happy Day 76: Quiche!

#100HappyDays Day 76: Middle B and I finally got round to making quiche! Hooray!


Pastry: 2:1 ratio of flour to fat. We used 200g plain flour and 100g cold unsalted butter.

- Mix the cold butter and the flour together til it resembles bread crumbs. We did this in a mixer, I must confess, it is so much quicker!
- Then add a tablespoon of water and start bringing the pastry together so that it starts to bind. Carry on adding a bit of water at a time until the dough is a coherent ball rather than flaky crumbs. I think I ended up adding about 3 tablespoons of water. You can also use an egg to bind instead if you'd rather.
- If you have the time you can chill the dough in the fridge for 30 mins. This is optional - we were just too hungry to bother.
- Sprinkle some flour on a work surface and roll out your pastry to fit your quiche tin. Remember to roll out enough to go up the sides.
- Butter your quiche tin, then pick up your pasty and lay it into the tin. Push it into the tin and up and sides, tucking the dough into the corners. Make sure you plug up any holes or thin patches with any left over scraps of pastry.
- Blind bake it.  If you have baking beans, put them in the pan and then put it in the oven for 15 mins on 180 degrees C. We don't, so we cut out some parchment paper to fit the bottom of the tin and put that into the tin with a smaller tin inside to keep everything weighted down and baked that for 10 mins then took out the tin and the paper and baked the pastry for a further 5 mins.

Filling: 300ml milk or cream or a mix of the two, 3 eggs and any vegetables you want. We used some sweetcorn, some mushrooms, red onion and goats cheese. We added in some herbs to the egg mixture. If you want it not to be so runny, it's best to cook the mushrooms a little first to get the moisture out, but they were fine as they were.
- Layer your filling into the pastry.
- Measure out milk / cream in a measuring jug to 300ml, add in 3 eggs and mix. If you're using any herbs you can add them in here too.
- Pour the egg mixture over the ingredients. Be careful not to put too much in, go up to the top of the pastry and not over.

-  Bake at 180 for about 20 mins. Check after 15 mins, baking time will depend on how runny your mixture is - if you've used just milk it will take longer than if you have cream in there. Make sure the filling is firm, so bake until golden and not wobbly.
- Let it sit for a few minutes to settle. Nearly impossible when you're hungry! Good to let it cool down a bit before eating though.

And there you go!

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