Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Happy Day 41: Miss T Entertains Me

#100HappyDays Day 41: I spent the afternoon with Miss T - she made me pasta with mushroom and stilton sauce, we drank wine, played ridiculous Power Ballad play list while we got ready to go out. We then hung out for a bit and played a trivia game.

Me: What is the name of the Star Trek spaceship?
Miss T: Um.... Big Momma?
Me: (might possibly pass out from laughing so hard)

We also swapped presents from abroad too, so this handsome chap is now living with all the other snails on Miss T's bookshelf

Then we finished up our wine and went out dancing. It was a really lovely night - it was lovely to see everyone and I'd forgotten how much I love dancing!

Snails, Trivia and Dancing - what girl could want more?!

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