Saturday, 6 September 2014

Happy Day 23: Blackberry picking

#100HappyDays Day 23: You know autumn is starting when the blackberries are ripe enough to pick. Mrs Im and I grabbed some Tupperware and headed to the park to pick some fruit. We got enough to make three bottles of blackberry gin and I still have a tub to take home with me.

We washed the blackberries well, poured the gin out of a bottle into a jug, then added about half a bottles worth of berries. It is worth weighing this as you go because we then put in the same weight of sugar into the bottle and then added the gin back in. And due to the laws of physics there was obviously some displaced gin that would not fit back in the bottle so we're in for a few gin and tonics tonight. Yippee!

In a about three months time, when the fruit is looking all bleached out and ghostly the berries need to be strained out. Then the gin is left another month or two to steep and then it will be ready - just in time for Christmas.

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