Friday, 5 September 2014

Happy Day 22: Getting Settled

#100HappyDays Day 22: I went back to my Mum's the other day to sort through some of my grandma's stuff. I ended up coming back with a few clothes and some of her pictures. I've had a few pieces lying around anyway and it was high time to put them up on the wall. My lovely flatmate knows much more about DIY and also art galleries so I got him to help me hang things up. Now that it's done my room feels more my own.

It was quite an emotional experience bringing my grandma's pictures back to my house, it means I'm really connected to her and at the same time highlights that she's not with me anymore. Putting up her pictures actually felt quite settling, because before they felt displaced whereas on the wall they look like they are in their natural habitat. It is interesting to see them in a different environment and I quite enjoyed figuring out where I wanted to hang what. I still have a couple of extra pictures of my own at the framers, but in general I feel like this has made a real difference to the atmosphere in my room, a certain stability has been created maybe, or the feeling of bringing together certain elements of my life in a cohesive way.

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