Sunday, 24 August 2014

Happy Day 10: Tea towels and picnic baskets

#100HappyDays Days 10: Tea towels and picnic baskets
This morning I went to make tea and I spotted our picnic basket still lounging about from yesterday - V had brought a fabulous tea towel with us yesterday and I love it, mainly because I *do* think my kitchen is for dancing (among other things)!

We had a really lovely day yesterday - V's beau works in Glyndbourne so we got there a bit early and got to look behind the scenes before the show. It was all very glamorous, even back stage. I really enjoyed looking at the stage, seeing all the props and learning how the lighting works. Of course one of my favourite bit was the wardrobe section as well as chatting to the staff backstage, they were all so friendly and answered my questions. We went right the way round and even go to go on stage. I loved the prop furniture and the dresses, and he showed us the app on his phone that can move the focus and change the direction of the lights - from his phone! We also went up on some of the balconies and saw the rigs for the lights and for props like chandeliers, as well as getting some views of the set as a whole.

The sets backstage

On stage

The stage from the upper circle

The sound desk

The wardrobes

The view from the upper terrace - the grounds were huge and very lovely

The show was in two parts with an hour and a half intermission in between. You can dine there and have waiter service but most people brought picnics. Ours was pretty modest, just a few picnicy bits and Prosecco but we saw some full china sets and a couple even had vases of flowers and candles.

After dinner we still had time for a stroll round the grounds. The family still live in the main house so you can't go into most of it, but they do open up the Organ Room

We had a stroll around the grounds before going in for the second half

The production itself was really well done. They had subtitles above the stage which was helpful and we could see the orchestra from where we were sitting. We had to lean over the balcony a little bit when the singers got too far to the right of the stage, but all in all it was wonderful. I love the idea of a long intermission for a picnic, I really liked seeing what everyone wore and I enjoyed the whole thing much more for having been backstage and seeing all the workings of it. We both came away saying that we would be back - probably with lovelier frocks and an even more splendid picnic.

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  1. Now I am really envious! And very happy for you, because this sounds like a completely awesome day out... Hugs!