Saturday, 2 August 2014

Estate Sale

Our lovely friend Carol has her own business selling antiques and other bits and pieces at Slyfield and Sime. She goes to house clearances and estate sales about once or twice a week to pick up stock, and she happened to be going today so my step mum and I tagged along. 

This was my first estate sale so I didn't really know what to expect. The house is opened up and various things are displayed in each room. There is a company in charge of unpacking, pricing up and getting the house ready and then they also answer questions and take money. Carol says that some companies you can bargain with and some you can't. One of the ladies said that this house was quite exceptional - the lady who lived there had been paralysed and recently died at age 66. She used to be a horserider when she was younger, and there was a lot of regalia like riding boots and hats and trophies. She had insomnia and she would go on the internet or on TV shopping channels like QVC in the middle of the night and order things. Then she would forget and order more things. Evidently she was not short of money because she had many, many clothes, many of which were fairly pricey and some not even out of their wrappers. She had hundreds of pairs of scissors, calculators, books - especially on gardening and cooking, glasswear, crockery, two whole sets of china (one of which was a beautiful Wedgewood set that I would have taken anyday if this was at home!) and loads of vintage fabric, patterns, blankets.... it was pretty extraordinary. I tried on all the hats - of course! (Even the sales assistant said that when they were unpacking they had a few impromptu fashion shows). My step mum picked up some lovely tops, some mascara and a food processor, Carol bought some plant trellises, a fig tree, a whole pile of books and some puzzles for the kids, while I picked up two hats, several vintage zips for $1 a piece and a swathe of fabric from 1979. It was a fascinating experience, not least because this lady was a real hoarder and it was interesting to see all the things she had bought. I have to admit though it made me want to clean out my room just in case I die suddenly and someone has to deal with all of that...

When I said hundreds of scissors, I wasn't joking

Notice the carpet bag: I love
it but it was a wee bit pricey for me

Look at all the Wedgewood! Good job this
wasn't at home or I'd have to find space for a full set of china...

So much fabric, most of it vintage

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