Sunday, 10 August 2014

Day 1: No Shampoo

I remember Miss M once remarking to me that since skin is an organ, she would not put anything on her skin that she could not put in her mouth. I ran out of moisturiser the other day and I thought, why don't I use Eva's trick of using coconut oil and lavender? So I mixed some together and I'm road testing it for a few days to see how it works. If it does then I've saved myself a lot of money - coconut oil is about £3.50 for a tub as opposed to body moisturiser which is a lot more expensive than that. I like the idea that it only has two ingredients, that it is cheap, that none of it is animal tested and that there is minimal packaging to be thrown away afterwards. I don't think that I will end up making everything myself, but if I can and it's not too much trouble, why not? I like the idea of concocting lotions and potions!

I saw this article about not using shampoo on Pintrest a while back, and was reminded of it when I was thinking about all this. I have quite fine but reasonably frizzy hair and I fairly much just bundle it up in a bun every day apart from the odd special occasion where I will style it and wear it down. I've always been curious about the No 'Poo movement, but I wasn't sure if I could cope with the greasiness in the beginning stages. In this article, the lady uses bicarbonate of soda instead of shampoo and apple cider vinegar instead of conditioner, so it's not completely cold turkey which sounded much more manageable to me. I don't go back to work until late September so I thought I would do my own 1 month experiment on baking soda and cider vinegar and see what happens. If this works I'll be really happy - again, it's cheap, animal friendly, simple ingredients and when I wash it off down the drain it won't pollute rivers or make various frogs mutate unhealthily which is always good and in addition she says that her hair got less frizzy and she needed to wash it less over time which would be a bonus. I'll update you about how it's going!

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