Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Tiny Strawberries (but no Pimms as yet....)

I have the summer holidays off work so now that I have some free time I have a chance to get creative - including finishing off some sewing that I started way back when before my sewing machine broke the first time. I got hold of Fran, my sewing lady, and we finally finished off this pattern:

It is an original 1940s pattern, which is delightful, only that original patterns assume that you have original 1940s knowledge of sewing. For me this was less than ideal, as not having grown up with a family that sews it meant that it misses out half of the steps you need to complete the pattern. I think I'll stick to reproduction patterns until my sewing knowledge is better!

Anyway, I did manage to finish off the pattern with Fran's help, and in doing so I learnt about sleeves, collars and cuffs so all is not lost. I also did covered buttons, forgetting that they are fiddly and a generally a right pain.... now I know why wedding dress makers charge so much, imagine doing 200 of these! They are very high on my list of people that I admire right now.

I got to make a belt as well. I adore making belts... all that hammering... and the matchy matchiness of it all afterwards. 

Here is a close up of the teeny tiny strawberry fabric:

Are those covered buttons? Why yes! Are those machine made button holes? Yes indeedy. And pin tucks as well? Yes, as well as a peplum beyond the waist. So there.

I get the impression that I will not be wearing this much, as lovely as it is I'm just not a shirt-y person. I dare say I could find something to wear it to one day... or maybe someone my size to lend it to. In any case it was a real learning experience and I'm really proud of the finished garment.

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  1. The finished garment is very lovely, and learning how to do pintucks is admirable!