Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Chap Olympiad 2014

Yesterday we attended the 10th annual Chap Olympiad in Bedford Square Gardens. We brought picnics (and picnic blankets), drank Pimms, drank tea, ate cake, watched the odd-non sporting event, and even had a little dance at the end. But most of all, I watched people: the costumes were incredible. The sporting events were ridiculous. The moustaches were even more ridiculous. The commentator was hilarious. In short, it was delightful, and I expect I shall be doing things of this nature again.

The Sporting Events included:
The Bicycle Race - where you have to cycle with a cup of tea, the one with the most tea in the cup at the end wins

The Strong Man

The Brief Case Dash - form a phalanx, the first team to get the to the other side wins

'Just when you think things can't get any better..... they probably can't'.

Bowler Hat Volleyball - yes, that is a net made of string tied between two hat stands

Not Playing Tennis

and finally there were awards for the Winners (Bronze, Gold, Silver)

Most impressive were the people:
There were many many safari suits

Even the children were vintage

Our next door (well, blanket) neighbours

Wedgewood cufflinks

I'm slightly in love with this man
And I'd quite like to be this lady

The Chaps themselves

Of course we had tea and Pimms cake

And some dancing to round off the day - I even had a dance with a lovely young man.

I wasn't the only one snapping away, someone got an unsuspecting photo of us too (I think it was the gentleman in the purple tie when he wasn't napping....) by jupiterbaal on instagram

And the weather held off until our walk to the tube station. Hurrah! I did leave my brolly behind, but oh well, one can't have everything in life. I'm very happy I attended and I'll be looking out for more Chap events in the future.

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