Thursday, 31 July 2014


My brother has just moved out West of state so we went to visit him and have a look around.

After about 3 hours driving (with a rest stop for a picnic lunch), we arrived and had a look around his new neighbourhood, drove downtown and took a stroll along the shores of Lake Michigan.

We had dinner at a lovely place called Verdonis, my step mum and I shared a Bianci pizza, it was really filling.

We spent the whole day getting lost and going back on ourselves, it took us three goes to get back to the hotel after we dropped my brother off at his apartment - the iPad was out of juice and we had to keep ringing him to tell us where we were.

The hotel was fairly nice and pretty clean but we had incredibly soft beds, they were like trampolines! After tossing and turning the night away, we went to Whitlow's restaurant for eggs and american potatoes. The owner is a hunter and goes out to South Africa to hunt and then taxidermies the animals. The place had all these fish he'd caught all round the walls and a little room full of wild animals.

After breakfast we drove out to the sand dunes and strolled along the beach. It was misty and warm but the water was cold cold cold.

We stopped for a coffee at a sweet little coffee shop called the Brew House, next door to the restaurant we had dinner in. We even had the same waitress - it turns out she works in both places.

It was really nice to have a couple of days away by the beach - even if I didn't get to swim because the water was too cold I still managed to get my feet wet. It was lovely to see the area where my brother lives, it seems like a nice area, people say hello as you walk by and there are plenty of parks to walk the dog. We visited his work and had a look around, he's doing really well for himself - I'm glad.

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