Thursday, 24 July 2014

Face the Music

Yesterday I got to go for my usual facial with my lovely Polish beauty therapist Eva. She is tiny and talks more than anyone I can think of, and I have never met anyone who did more for my skin than she has.
She started off by waxing my eyebrows. She knows that I have fairly sensitive dry skin and she says 'don't use a harsh exfoliant, it will bring you out in zits, just mix a bit of bicarb of soda with some of your normal facewash in your hand and use that' (she recommends a baby top-to-toe shampoo formula, but any face wash will do). After she had washed my face throughly with that, she applied a mixture of 4oz of coconut oil with 10 drops of peppermint (put the bottle in hot water and the oil will melt), she then put quite a lot on and gave me a shoulder and neck massage (yum!) and then washed the oil off again (but you can happily use that as moisturiser if you are careful not to use too much). She said that she also has some with lavender oil or eucalyptus oil depending on whether it is morning or evening. After washing that off she liberally smeared my face with witch hazel and then steamed my face for about half an hour. After that she cleaned out blackheads and other yucky things and then applied some fruit acid. When that was soaked in she gave me a face mask and left that on for a good 10 mins til it was dry to the touch and gave me a foot massage (with the peppermint oil, I think) and then washed the mask off really thoroughly and then smeared me with witch hazel again. So now my skin is starting to settle down, I reckon by tomorrow it will really glow. Happy skin, happy neck, happy feet - yaaaay!

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