Saturday, 26 July 2014

Early Morning Trip to the Market

The neighbours had invited my dad and I to go with them to the market in town, so we got up this morning and were out the door at 7am to get down there before the rush. We had breakfast out nearby at the Russell Street Cafe, they had waffles and hashes but I opted for a veggie omlette with wholewheat toast.

It was pretty good. And there was no way that I was going shopping before breakfast, even for food. The atmosphere is nice, it is one of the old 1930s builds in the downtown area, many of which are being pulled down now, I like the high ceilings, exposed pipes and brickwork. They hadn't even opened their shutters when we arrived but pretty soon the place filled up - by 8.30 when we left they were fairly much full.

After that we went into a whole food store to look around, again you could see a nice example of the 1930s brick work and wooden floors that were common in the city's hey day. From there we went onto the Eastern Market. There is covered space that is pretty airy and stalls selling mostly fruit and veg at one end of the market and flowers and plants at the other end. It is pretty big, and you can see that there is a lot of space for more stalls. Many of them were locally grown produce, some were juices, peanut butter, plants, and even some drinking vinegar which I had never heard of (you use it as a mixer for cocktails apparently). As we wandered around we encountered various buskers - a really good xylophone player, a couple of girls singing, a couple of saxophonists. We picked up some fresh cherries, corn, tomatoes, peaches, apricots, radishes and a small cactus plant for my dad's study. I was pretty impressed with the number of stall holders and how reasonable the prices were. When we left at about 10, it was already getting more than busy - but it was worth getting up early for, hopefully we'll make it down there again for another look around.

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