Monday, 21 July 2014

Coming and Going (or rather Going and Coming)

After a few tumultuous weeks of running around at the end of term I finally got to jet off to visit the family. I saw my dad recently, but I haven't seen my step mum since last Christmas - a year and a half is a long time!

I got to the airport in good time, but ended up held up in security and got chatting to a lovely man who was waiting for his bag (strange shaped camera tripod) and watched while the security people took out about eight mini pots of jam from one lady's bag.... could you have jam bombs? They would be tasty at least. Maybe jam with popping candy in? By the time I'd finished drinking the apple juice carton that I'd forgotten in my handbag and he had repacked his tripod we were ready to start a business together.

The flight was pretty uneventful, I had a gentleman either side of me, one was in the military strategy bit of the US Navy and the other was a scientist working at Glaxo Smith Klein, both pretty interesting chaps. I watched The Grand Budapest Hotel - I do like Wes Anderson films and The Lego Movie - I really enjoyed both of them, they were a lot of fun.

Then came a five hour layover in Philadelphia airport. What do you do in an airport for five hours? Sit in a rocking chair and read. Yes, they have rocking chairs. And also exercise bikes.

Rock and roll. By the time 9pm rolled around I was ready to get on a flight. By the time we arrived at the house it was about 12pm and I was long overdue for bed. The following morning we hosted the Sunday morning bagel group, and we sat out in the sun and ate breakfast and drank coffee and had a chat. Lovely.

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