Monday, 16 June 2014

Getting Back into Stitching

My Mum helped me with a new sewing machine for my birthday so I'm back stitching again. Last November Miss H and I went fabric shopping and I thought it was high time I made something from the fabric she chose.

I made the skirt first. It's a simple gather skirt with a waistband and patch pockets sewn on. I didn't use a pattern, I just measured out the waistband to be about an inch more than Miss H's waist measurement. For the top, I traced round a top that I own that I like the fit of and stitched the two sides together, then added a gather at the bottom and a waistband so the top kind of matched the skirt. I'm bigger than Miss H so by using one of my tops as a guide I could get an airy feel but still emphasize her trim waist.

Goats and chickens and maids, oh my!
Here is a close up of the pattern on the fabric... it has goats! and chickens! Miss H really liked both the skirt and the top. The top needs some adjusting - the problems of making surprise gifts for people, I suppose - but I did a pretty good job of putting something together after over six months of not sewing. I really liked not using a pattern actually, hopefully I'll get to know techniques well enough to be able to just construct things in that way - a bit like improvising on the piano but with sewing. It's lovely to be back into sewing again.


  1. That is gorgeous, and I love the rose-pink toile de jouie fabric (I may have spelled that wrong btw...)! So glad to hear you're sewing again. You should start a little business on the side, maybe?

    1. Thank you! Miss H really liked it which was the main thing... I just need to make a few adjustments to the top and we're done. I've got a couple more things on the go, so you'll get more pictures soon x