Sunday, 8 June 2014


Ok, so I know my birthday is in May, but it's exam season and everyone is up to their eyes in work... so I decided to host at the beginning of June like I did last year, only this year was a little bit more low key partly because I wasn't as organised and partly because everyone is pretty knackered.

We went to the park again, and it was supposed to be thunder and lightening (very very frightening) but actually it was a beautiful day. I made a couple of salads from the Moomin Cookbook for it and everyone else just brought nibbles and drinks.

The best bit was I asked people to dress as superheroes.... and quite a few obliged!


Marie Curie!

Minnie Mouse!

So we sat in the sun and ate and drank and played games and watched magic tricks.

Magic tricks! with huge playing cards!

Homemade Scrabble!

And then I went home and ate cake and watched the F1 with the flatmates. (Ricciardo on the podium after his first ever win!)

F1 and a fleet of (cakey) foxes

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