Thursday, 26 June 2014

Pablo's Coleslaw

It's summer! Time of swimming and having picnics in the garden... well, for today at least. And picnics mean coleslaw. My flatmate made this one time at a party and I nabbed the recipe today.

2 carrots
red cabbage
white cabbage 
red onion

- Chop, put in a sieve, sprinkle salt over them and then put a plate on and some weight on top of that. Leave for a few hours til the water has come out.

- Mix with:

half and half of mayonnaise and cream
a sprinkle of ground fennel
half a lemon

et viola! One of the best coleslaw's I've ever eaten in my life. Here's to more picnics!

Monday, 23 June 2014

Charity head shave!

My beautiful friend decided to shave her hair off for charity. She has raised over £1500 (including gift aid) for Macmillan and for Mind, and she will send her hair off to Little Princess Trust. It was really amazing to see how many people contributed.

She made a day of it and had a bbq in the garden and drinks and nibbles and a bit of Formula 1, and then the big head shave was at 3pm. After that all the comedy wigs came out, everyone went to stroke her head and we all had a drink and a dance around the garden.

During the evening I got introduced to this wonder of a cocktail:

The Pink Panther

1 pt Gin
1 pt Lemonade
1 pt Cranberry juice
5 slices of fresh lime

- Mix together. Ice optional, as are mint leaves.

I'm not entirely sure that this is actually a Pink Panther, but whatever it was it was pretty scrummy, and it was bright pink. We got through a lot of them, it was glorious.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Getting Back into Stitching

My Mum helped me with a new sewing machine for my birthday so I'm back stitching again. Last November Miss H and I went fabric shopping and I thought it was high time I made something from the fabric she chose.

I made the skirt first. It's a simple gather skirt with a waistband and patch pockets sewn on. I didn't use a pattern, I just measured out the waistband to be about an inch more than Miss H's waist measurement. For the top, I traced round a top that I own that I like the fit of and stitched the two sides together, then added a gather at the bottom and a waistband so the top kind of matched the skirt. I'm bigger than Miss H so by using one of my tops as a guide I could get an airy feel but still emphasize her trim waist.

Goats and chickens and maids, oh my!
Here is a close up of the pattern on the fabric... it has goats! and chickens! Miss H really liked both the skirt and the top. The top needs some adjusting - the problems of making surprise gifts for people, I suppose - but I did a pretty good job of putting something together after over six months of not sewing. I really liked not using a pattern actually, hopefully I'll get to know techniques well enough to be able to just construct things in that way - a bit like improvising on the piano but with sewing. It's lovely to be back into sewing again.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Where's Wally?

G and I were heading back after D's birthday meal in a local Thai restaurant when we encountered a rather drunken bunch of 'Wally's. I asked if I could take a photo and they were delighted and hugged us both. Then they all shouted 'Where's Wally?!' and the girl flipped up her skirt to show her pants, 'There he is!'

Sunday, 8 June 2014


Ok, so I know my birthday is in May, but it's exam season and everyone is up to their eyes in work... so I decided to host at the beginning of June like I did last year, only this year was a little bit more low key partly because I wasn't as organised and partly because everyone is pretty knackered.

We went to the park again, and it was supposed to be thunder and lightening (very very frightening) but actually it was a beautiful day. I made a couple of salads from the Moomin Cookbook for it and everyone else just brought nibbles and drinks.

The best bit was I asked people to dress as superheroes.... and quite a few obliged!


Marie Curie!

Minnie Mouse!

So we sat in the sun and ate and drank and played games and watched magic tricks.

Magic tricks! with huge playing cards!

Homemade Scrabble!

And then I went home and ate cake and watched the F1 with the flatmates. (Ricciardo on the podium after his first ever win!)

F1 and a fleet of (cakey) foxes