Saturday, 24 May 2014

Jive Night: The Doel Brothers

It's been quite a while since I have been to see a jive band, it was lovely to get back on the floor last night. The Doel Brothers are a rockabilly band who are a little bit country sounding, between the three of them they play sing, play guitar, play bass, play double bass and play the drums. That's a lot of playing! The songs were pretty fast on the whole, though they did play a couple of strolls, and most of them were written by their own fair hands - they did a couple of covers but the rest were originals which was nice. Miss T and I got a few fast jives in which was fun and there were plenty of boppers. They clearly have a sense of humour - the lead singer introduced one of the songs saying it was the story of his life and then went on to sing 'Whiskey Lovin' Fool' which was delightful. Even more delightful was the shirt he was wearing which was covered in pineapples. Glorious.

The rest of the evening we had a DJ on the decks for more jive classics. I danced with a few people I'd never danced with before which is always fun, though sometimes a bit perilous depending on who you are dancing with. The floor was pretty packed and there were more than a few instances of hitting someone on the way past, not to mention a little slip sliding on the talc in the corner near the band stand (it was ok, Miss T saved me from going over head first!). On the whole a pretty enjoyable evening with some very enjoyable dancing and a splendid band.

In other news, I have a new sewing machine (a Janome Sewist 525s, since you ask) so I will be able to get back to some stitchery. Hurrah! It is all very exciting!

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