Wednesday, 14 May 2014


It's my birthday!
Things that have happened today:
- I got birthday cards through the post. It was really exciting - with the added bonus that now I am covered in glitter, thanks Miss H.
- I had to go to the post office to pick up a parcel. A real parcel. And in it was a very classy teal apron with a fox on it! Thanks very much Imogen, that is exactly what I would have chosen!
- I got a letter informing me that I appear not to have cervical cancer and I don't need to have another smear test for three years. Surely that is something to celebrate in itself.
- I got a lie in because I (coincidentally) had no work on today. Hooray!
- I got a copy of Slaughterhouse Five and Stardust from John..... so excited to read that again.
- Miss T bought me some cake, some giant playing cards and some dominoes. I believe she may have made me cup cakes as well, but I'll just have to wait until jive later on for those. And one of the girls at work promised to make me red velvet cupcakes for tomorrow. Yum!

I mostly had a mooch around town, Miss T and I had coffee and had a wander around in the sun and got uneven suntans. I spilled food down my new top (surely that's what they are for?!). I am not bothering with a party until about June, because this time of year is really stressful for a lot of people. And also because I only realised last week that I should really organise something. So Superheroes and Board Games Picnic will be coming in June, watch this space for some truly ridiculous photos.

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