Friday, 9 May 2014

A Little Help...

Me: '.... So I was talking to the Buddhas about this problem I've been having, and G said that she had talked to the angels about it and they gave the same response...'
Miss T: 'Let me just ask Gandalf and Dumbledore. I'll be right back.'


  1. This is lovely and has just brought a real smile to my face after a very stressful day at work; thank you for posting something so sweet about your (clearly awesome) flatmates. I hope the problem you've been having can be sorted out soon, and in a good way for all involved.
    What happened btw with regard to the chap you had a cruch on, a few weeks ago? - or is that the problem you were talking to the Buddhas about? I'm in a bad crush position myself at the moment so I wish you well with it with all my heart. May all be well with you, dear Mrs Fox, and blessed be!

    1. It made me chuckle! Yes, I was indeed asking for guidance on the crush... It's been Easter break so I haven't seen the man for a while, I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens next time we see each other. I'm sure he would make a very lovely Mr. Fox, but I shall have to be patient!
      I'm excited that you have a crush though, is he (or she) very lovely? xx

    2. He's an incredibly nice chap who's tremendously dapper and has a lovely sense of humour. Like you I am being patient and waiting and seeing. I've known him by sight for years (we work in the same building) and always found him intriguing because he's so stylish; but recently we've been thrown together by a rather ghastly project and he's turned out to be intelligent, articulate, witty, kind, and to have an admirable work ethic and the patience of a saint. In short, the man's an absolute bloody marvel. Getting to know him at last, and working with him, has been the one bright spot in the last six months at work. But he's quite a private person, and so I haven't yet discovered if he's partnered or single - or for that matter if he's gay or straight or one of the many nuances in between. He's such a splendid person that my main concern is not to cause him any embarrassment; so I'm trying not to be too over-the-top or crush too visibly when he's around. I should hate to cause him a problem (he has a pretty stressful job so I should hate to be a "difficult" colleague; that would be horrible). Only I do like him so much... He makes me laugh, and I seem to be able to make him laugh, too. If nothing more happens, I hope at least I have made a new friend in him. If anything more does happen, I will enjoy getting to know him better!
      Good luck with Mr Fox-to-be! What was the advice of the Buddhas and Angels (& the wizards)? I hope they were encouraging!

    3. Oh wow, he does sound lovely! Why don't you ask him out for a coffee after work? If he makes you laugh, he's a winner in my book.
      G spoke to angels and did a tarot reading about me, just because she wanted to know... I had no idea at the time. According to that my life is on a real upswing, I'll probably be in a relationship by the end of the year, he is interested in me but he is pretty scared. I got a similar thing from the Buddhas about him.... we'll see if we are still sparkling at each other next time we see each other!
      Good luck with your chap...I can't imagine anyone thinking of you as 'the difficult colleague', I reckon you should go for it even if you are a bit scared xx