Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Update

Our internet has been on and off so I haven't been able to update as much so I am sneaking in a post while I'm at work.... don't tell the boss! I've got a bit of time off now so I can get started on that pile of books that have been waiting patiently in the corner of my room.

Middle B and I went mattress shopping, which was exciting, partly because I can actually get a good nights sleep now, but mostly because we got to throw ourselves on loads of beds and bounce up and down on them when the owner wasn't looking. So I am now the proud owner of a pretty firm memory foam mattress! And on sale with an extra 10% off!
Hooray! I'm looking forward to some beautiful nights sleep ahead....

In other news, I have a crush on a very lovely man and I sent him an email to ask him for coffee or a drink or dinner so we could talk about Einstein or existentialism or squirrels or cornflakes or something. I'm waiting for a response.... Miss T, G and Middle B think that it's exciting but I think it's terrifying! We'll see what happens.

And last but not least I'll be teaching a whole day course of Karma on 10th May.... I'm used to teaching one session, and this will be three so we'll see how that goes. I hope I get some good questions! I'll just have to prepare well.

Next on the list is to find ridiculous duvet covers for double beds.... allonsy!

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