Saturday, 19 April 2014

Drinking Gin, Dancing round the Living Room and Other Joys of Life

V been  has been finishing up essays frantically the last few days, and yesterday was the first time she got to really see everyone and let off steam. We met in the pub at 2pm with a view to getting some food. It was pretty apparent that the staff were not as keen on providing food as we were on eating it so we had a pint and moved on to another pub. At the next pub we were then told that they don't start serving food until 4pm. So we sat in the beer garden in the sunshine and drank wine and pear cider and laughed at things hysterically until we could order food. It was worth waiting for! V and I shared some nachos, some mushrooms on toast and some chips. Everyone was in pretty high spirits, especially once we moved onto the gin. There was an awful lot of cackling. Very, very loud cackling. At one point I went to the loo and I could hear our lot even inside the building with the toilet door locked.

The sun went in and we all decided to move to another venue that had tables inside ('Can we catch a bus there?!'). We ended up in a wine bar where they ushered us into a secluded room with a big table. They had obviously heard about how loud we laugh when we get going and decided to keep us away from other customers. We all drank gin (apart from one of the lads who insisted on having ale), then after looking at the bill we decided not to buy more drinks but instead went to the supermarket and picked up more gin and tonic and pizza and trifle (it was vegetarian) and cake ('We should get cake! It's my birthday!', 'Really?! When?', 'December!') and went back to Vs place.

We got back to V's place about 7pm, we put pizza in the oven, and put youtube on the telly - yep time for karoke, if you count drunken singing and dancing round the living room as karoke. The first song on was V's favourite, 'Dead Ringer for Love' ('If I was going to be on Stars in their Eyes, I would be Cher in this video. I'm not joking!'). And it just got cheesier from there. At some point V and I switched to tea and managed to have a bit of a chat amidst everything that was going on ('Do you know I was tidying my room the other day and I came across one of my socks in a mug. I have no idea how long it had been there. I was hoping it was empty but it was a third full of coffee. How does this happen?!'). It all got a bit indie for a while, but we rescued it with some jive and then we moved on to some musicals all of which got us up and dancing around like mad things - including a V and Middle B doing an impromtu version of the elephant medley from Moulin Rouge. A lot of singing, a lot of dancing and a lot of cake later, I finally got home at 2.30am. I'm knackered today, but I'm a pretty happy bunny - I should clearly do this more often. V agrees: 'I wish my boyfriend had been here tonight - I wish everyone could see how awesome my friends are!'.

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