Sunday, 16 March 2014


It's been about a month that I have been in the new house now and Middle B asked me how things are going. I feel pretty settled - there is still stuff in my room that needs to be put away, I still need to pick up my sewing machine, there are always going to be things I procrastinate about... but on the whole I am a pretty happy bunny. My skin has cleared up completely (I am only wearing mascara as make up at the moment, hurrah!), I've started eating much better because I'm cooking for myself regularly and I've been walking to work, a nice 45 mins partly up a hill. I've lost a few inches which is always nice. I've been inspired to cook for other people and started baking again, which is always a good sign - if I'm baking it means that all is well! My flatmates call out to me if they see my light is on, they stick a head round the door if they come past. I've invited people home, which I haven't done for years. We all tend to eat together if we are around, and my breakfasts have been getting exciting again. All in all, I'm pretty inspired, all the more so since the sun has come out this week. I made Sunday dinner today and it was glorious. The only things that I need to sort out are a new mattress and some pillows - my back hurts and I've been pretty tired, I'm confident that I can sort that out soon enough. I feel nurtured and homely and cared about. That's a lovely thing to come home to.

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