Sunday, 9 March 2014

Coffee and Curry and Cake, Oh My!

We're well into March and the cherry blossom are out and the sun is shining all over the place. I went for acupunture the other day and a lot of my frustration seems to have cleared, so I'm back to being a pretty happy bunny. One of the things that has helped a lot was going to see Mr. and Mr.s Im over the weekend for a little surprise celebration for Mr. F's birthday. He knew that I was turning up... so we all had a quick cup of tea and then we hustled the lads out to go food shopping, Mrs. Im created a really long list of things at the supermarket and at the crazy curry shop (and she let them in on it) so that the boys would be away for quite a time. Meanwhile we blew up balloons, iced a cake and waited for a few faces from his past to come by with cake and presents. They hid in the dining room until the lads came back and he was well and truly surprised to see them all. He got to chat with all of them while Mr. Im and I started making curry. We ended up with a spinach and brown chickpea curry, tarka dahl, spicy rice, normal rice, lemon noodles (Mr. F's favourite) and a beef and pepper curry which was made by Mr. Im and therefore probably hotter than the surface of the sun. I chopped up the chillis for the thing - there were a lot of chillies in there. We mostly we drank coffee, ate curry and later ate cake - there were five cakes, and four of them were lemon... did I mention that Mr. F likes lemon? I also made a white chocolate chilli cake, just to even up the balance. I got a chance to talk to Mrs. Im and Mr. Im and have a bit of a catch up and to meet some of Mr. F's oldest friends which was also lovely. A lot of geeky science conversation abounded with a fair bit of nerdy cult film references for good measure. Mr. F and I were sharing a room so naturally we talked for quite a while before bed... I did draw the line when it was gone 4.30am and actually went to sleep.

This morning we all had curry for breakfast.... dahl for breakfast is amazing! and lemon noodles! The lads had the beef curry - it takes all sorts, I suppose. We all mooched about in our pyjamas until about 1pm and drank coffee and ate more cake and talked more rubbish. Mr. F said it was the best birthday celebration he'd ever had. Hurrah.

I got the train back and came home to a huge Sunday dinner with the housemates: Spinach and ricotta cannelloni, beetroot, carrot and cumin salad, garlic bread, and key lime pie to finish. Yum! I'm well and truly stuffed now. I'm going to sleep well tonight I can tell you.

I had a totally lovely weekend, maybe the best I've had for a long time. Happy birthday Mr. F!

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