Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Moving On Up

I had my first night in my new room yesterday... so exciting! Mum came on Sunday and did a couple of car loads, and yesterday I packed up the remaining things and put them all in a taxi. 'I've moved a few students, you have the most things of anyone I've ever moved!' said the taxi driver. I did point out that I've been there for six years, and he gave me some concessions... but I did write a mental note to self to do more clear outs! V said she wanted to help me unpack my books, but apart from that it's getting there. And even with all that stuff there is still plenty of space in the room! If anything, all my stuff is swallowed up! Did I mention that I now have a double bed? That means shopping for bedding which the lovely V has also offered to help me with. It felt a bit odd falling asleep in a room so big. I have a couple of days off work so I stayed up late last night and watched an episode of Sherlock and then today I got to loll about and pick up bits from town and unpack a bit more. And the sun is out! I'm choosing to interpret this as a good omen. Right, soup for dinner, I think.

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