Sunday, 23 February 2014

Kairos + Cocos Lovers

I randomly got a text from a friend I haven't seen in a while saying she had a free ticket that evening for a gig, did I want to go? I'm knackered, I'm not going to lie, but I thought I might as well go - if I stopped doing things because I was tired I'd never get anything done. I'm so glad I did!

We arrived about 8.30pm and nabbed us a table and I ran off to get us some coffee and honeycomb ice cream (cos I'm classy like that). It's the first time I've seen live music at the Gulb so it was interesting to see how it would work out. The warm up act were a little trio called Kairo who were quite slow and folksy, with some pretty dark jazz undercurrents. The lead singers voice was a nice mix of being rich and smokey and at the same time she managed to hit a few high notes. They have quite a distinctive style.

After a short break we had the main act the Cocos Lovers. There were six of them, so immediately there was more stage presence. They have a really interesting mix of musical styles, mostly folk but mixed with some african and middle eastern sounds and some celtic and a slightly bouncy edge to them. After a couple of songs a group started to gather to the side who were standing around. Quite soon they started dancing around. The lead singer said he'd like to see the mosh pit that was forming merge with the people sitting at tables at the front of the stage, 'the VIP lounge over here'. They played quite a few songs, pretty varied beats and tempos - sometimes the focus was on the violin, sometimes the flute, sometimes the mandolin or the banjo. Some of the tracks were slow and mournful with layers of singing, and some of them were much more lively. They really engaged with the audience and got us to clap along and sing along. During the encore they got all the 'mosh pit' to move to the front and got most of the 'VIP lounge' up on their feet to dance. A few didn't but most got up and were having a little jig in no time. The audience seemed to really enjoy the evening, and the band certainly looked like they were having fun.

During the intro to 'Emily', the singer asked if there was anyone in the audience called Emily... a lady raised her hand and he said 'oh great! We wrote this song for you.... It's a shame you die at the end' which got a laugh from the audience and a smile from the girl in question. They had a really warm way of approaching the audience.

They also had a really nice vibe as a band, they all interacted with each other really well and there were some great harmonies. I had a little dance around, they were a lot of fun. Their new album comes out soon and I might just put it on my wish list.

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