Saturday, 22 February 2014

Jive Night: The Doggone Honkabillies

Last night was the first Jive Night of the year and it was a cracker! The dance floor was packed out, which was lovely because we were celebrating two birthdays so I'm really glad we got a good turn out. The band were really happy to be back, and they were on top form. They played most of the usuals, like 'Hey Good Looking', some Johnny Cash, some Elvis. Of course we all danced around like there was no tomorrow. At one point the lead singer said that we were the best crowd, we dance to anything, even all their weirdest songs. He was even with us when The Severed Limb played, and if we could dance to that we could dance to anything. Half way through the second set he got both the birthday girls up on stage and we all sang Happy Birthday and presented them with cake.

Being a little bit country as they are, many of the lads were in Western shirts and massive belt buckles, while the ladies were dressed up as always. Ingrid looked amazing in a beautiful wiggle dress from Whirling Turban while some of the other girls were keeping it simple with jeans and cropped cardies.

In between the two sets we had a little cake making mayhem burlesque set from the Tutti Frutties which was fun and specially themed for the birthday girls.

I danced nearly every song, even some of the slower ones. It felt like a pretty festive atmosphere. There was a lot of joking about and chatting, and a great deal of drinking. People really seemed to have fun. I got a few wonderful dances in so I was happy. I really enjoyed seeing the band again, I hope they come back soon!

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