Friday, 28 February 2014

February Round Up

* I saw an old friend today who I knew from my days up north, we went to a Moroccan restaurant and had a good old catch up. It seems like change is in the air - she is in the process of looking for a job somewhere new (as are a few others of my friends).

* Middle B and I tried out a new Japanese restaurant in town called Tamago. It's been a while since the Hutch has closed but we still haven't found a regular little place to go. We hadn't been out to dinner for ages and now that we live together it's quite nice to leave the house to have some girly time.

* I went back to the Centre today to do some stuff and it felt a bit weird, I was happy to come home afterwards. I'm not quite settled but it feels like home. It feels nice. I'm getting used to having a bigger room, I'm really enjoying my new housemates, the house itself is gorgeous, all of my friends are really happy that I have moved out of there and moved in here, that has to be a good sign.

* I've been cooking and baking again. I've been trying to get fitter. I'm eating better.I wouldn't say I feel alright right now, but I think I'm coming out of something big, I'm starting to decompress.

* I'm working hard but really loving my job. I've had amazing lectures this term, and one of my students told me that he requested me specifically. I'm a lucky, lucky girl.

* I saw my first cherry blossom the other day, spring is in the air, the sun has been coming out to play. Feels like its time to dust off the cobwebs and shake it out, get out in the sunshine.

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