Wednesday, 29 January 2014

We Could Build a Fort

The perils of communal living! I put my laundry on last night on the basis that I had no pants left and it was nearly reaching crisis point... I thought I'd put them in the dryer over night, but no, someone's half damp washing was already in it, sigh. So I put the dryer back on and took my own washing up stairs. Several things should be noted at this point, not least that: a) I have quite a small room, and b) it was on a delicate wash and so sopping wet due to not much spin. Because of aforementioned point a, I don't have enough room for a clothes horse (is that what you call them?) to hang up wet clothes like any normal person and because of point b, I had to distribute the clothes somehow or they would have started to smell. I started by putting things on the radiator, which took care of about three items,...and I just had to get creative with all the rest. I had some socks hanging off the handles and over the edges of my sewing table, some tights from the top of my wardrobe and the back of my door, a couple of bras decorating the wooden monkeys that hang off my ceiling, and pants... well... pants everywhere. I got up to go to the loo in the middle of the night and it felt like I was in a fort made of wet washing. Needless to say I put them in the dryer first thing and now my tights are toasty and warm! Although, it looks like one of my bras is still hanging off a monkey... oh well.

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