Monday, 27 January 2014

Something a Little Different

I've been all the shook up the last few days and swept off my feet with work, so what better way to spend the weekend than catching up with friends. On Saturday I caught up with someone lovely for the first time since new year and on Sunday I went to Cindy's birthday celebrations.

Her birthday is sandwiched in between Christmas and New Year so most people forget about it which is sad. At some point the lads from work suggest going down the pub, but this year Cinders decided that she wanted to do what she wanted to do! So we all met for brunch at Macknades, a fabulous whole-foody, gourmet, exciting type place. We literally commandeered the downstairs room. At some point we realised that no-one had made a cake, so V and I ran around the shop on a covert mission to find vegan birthday cake. We didn't find any, but the lady behind the counter gave us a candle to present to her. At some point one of the ladies from the shop (rather than the cafe) snuck over and whispered that she had found something so we ran off and discretely paid, and slipped both the candle and the cake into someones pocket so that Cindy couldn't see. We had a fabulous lunch (just missed breakfast!) - I had brie and red onion and red onion chutney sandwich on whole grain bread - and then a rousing chorus of happy birthday. When I returned the candle to the staff they said they were impressed with how in tune we all were!

We then proceeded to do a bit of shopping, V bought some stripey pasta! so exciting! and then put all our goodies in the car. We then drove out of Faversham a little while to this little trail and went on a hike in the country. We started off by drinking from the natural spring at the beginning of the trail and then walked some way out towards the river. Even though it was rainy and muddy it was really beautiful, the way was strewn with shells, an abandoned boat and parts of brick foundations. The site used to be a munitions factory with a little village beside before WW1 but there was an explosion with a load of gunpowder and it decimated the factory and most of the nearby houses. You can still see some of the foundations if you look, it is strange to suddenly see a bit of brick pocking up through the mud. Then we went back a bit and in a different direction for a while we we got to a viewing point to look at birds. It was pretty cold and we were glad for the shelter, V got out the hot chocolate (with Bailey's!) and Cindy got out the vegan marshmellows and we all had a lovely time inside chatting and not really looking at any birds at all.

Eventually, we jumped in the car and headed home. I went to the pub with V and Mr. V to warm up and we played Trivial Pursuit (1983 edition, crikey!) - I won, amazingly enough. We headed back to theirs for egg and sausage sandwiches and a little bit of telly (The Three Musketeers - I liked it) before I headed home to bed.

It was really nice this morning to get up and feel refreshed, I'd had a stroll outside and had some nice company. A few people came who I hadn't seen for a while so it was lovely having a catch up. Perfect way to end the week.

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