Sunday, 12 January 2014

Jive at Five

It seems the Universe is thwarting my efforts to get fit - I just got back into aqua last week and I was hoping to be able to continue, but it looks like my timetable is going to be choc-a-bloc. I've still got a bit of politics (hooray!) but this term I'll be doing some classics, some sociology and some social policy as well (yippee!). Hopefully I'll find time to go swimming at some point.

Luckily for me, Ingrid and the legendary Phil have started another jive class - this one is in Margate on Saturdays at 5pm - hence 'Jive at Five'. They've been going for a few weeks now, but yesterday was the first time I could make it along. P, Miss T and I all put frocks on (in my case Dress no. 1) and headed to Morgan's bar. It's a lovely place with chandeliers, delightful bar staff and a wooden floor that's perfect for dancing on. There were two new couples, a few of us regulars and even a 12 year old girl who was learning how to jive wearing doc marten's (and her 14 year old brother who sat at one of the tables looking bored senseless). There were more leads than follows so I sat out a few dances, but I got a fair few dances in, enough to make my heart race at any rate! The class was a bit more formal than my normal Weds night, but I rather liked that, and the atmosphere was very congenial and welcoming. There was a 50s themed birthday party afterwards but since we didn't know the lady in question and we hadn't brought a gift we decided to head on back to town and go out for dinner. The three of us ended up at Kudos, a dinky little Chinese where all the waiting staff wear sailor hats. The food was yummy and we stayed out pretty late as usual. I'm sure that I'll make it back to Jive at Five on the odd Saturday, it's lovely to get more time to dance and it was rather nice to get dressed up.

In other news, there are some changes a-foot: I usually take quite a while to make big decisions and sometimes take a while to get moving on them, but I think it's time to move...not just my body, but also myself. Needless to say, I'm excited but also terrified (me? scared of change? really?!) but I just think it's time to shake it up a bit. I have no idea where this adventure will lead me but I'll keep you posted when there is some concrete news.

And then last thing... I started writing down things I'm grateful for a little kindnesses that I receive and putting them in a jar that I have so that I can pull them all out at the end of the year and relive all those lovely little things that I most likely will have forgotten.... I finally found a legitimate use for that 1kg tub of organic hot chocolate, wooo!

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