Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
I went to Resolution Roulette and the resolution they gave me was: 'This year I choose happiness'. Just proof that the Universe tells you what you need to know sometimes!

Other resolutions this year:
* Move! No stagnating here, thank you, both in terms of my body and my situation.
* Travel more - my feet, they're itchin'
* Try sincerely to finish the Periodic Blanket. Really.

Things I have planned:
* Get a piece in the Sketchbook Project in for Mid- February
* PAE meeting sometime in March - ring the alarm!
* A couple of my pieces will be entered into the Imagining Science exhibit on symbiosis in March
* Go somewhere exciting with Mrs Im

I had a really lovely time with Mrs Im and Mr-is-Thinking over the new year period.... we had plans to go to the exhibit at the Ashmolean museum but they went by the wayside given the weather. New Years Eve was spent with Mr.'s parents and Im's mum - we had dinner and watched some David Attenborough and then Hogmanay with Jools Holland which was a lot of fun, the mothers had something to say about everyone who came on screen! The rest of us got rather tipsy and everything quietened down once all the parents went to bed. Im and Mr. and I stayed up until 2 am drinking and having fun. The next day we lounged about for the morning and went to Im's mum's for dinner in the evening which was filling to say the least, the woman could cook for an army!

Now that I'm back it's time to shake myself up, dust myself down and get on with things. Here I come! Well, maybe after I finish this coffee...


  1. happy new year!
    sounds like it is off to a great start. awesome!
    my intention for the year is to spend more time with people who make me feel better about myself. or, hold the space for me to feel better about myself. you know, the [true] friends, whom you don't feel like you need to shrink, or edit yourself to be with. you leave your time together feeling like a bigger & brighter version of yourself. those are the people i am inviting in this year! xox

    1. That's a lovely resolution! I hope you have lots of amazing friends who appreciate you for who you are (including me!) and that you meet lots of wonderful people this year who help you heal and giggle and love xx