Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Yearly Round-up

In 2013 many things happened. These were some of them:
I learnt how to jive and started going to live music again * I joined a Knitting Group * I sort of joined a Cooking Club * I spent a lot of time being grateful * I loved and lost my lovely car, Tabitha * I sort of joined a Book Club * People moved in, people moved out, in, out (shake it all about) * Depression reared it's ugly head and my headaches came back * I re-discovered skirts and dresses and colours and patterns - and my style changed * I wrote lots of love letters * I hosted a four course Portuguese banquet * I started learning to sew and made a bag, a purse, four dresses, one skirt and one and a half tops * I lost my Grandma and some other people * I went to Portugal to see my Spiritual Guide teach in public for the last time (he is in his 80s, you know) * I had an extraordinary term at work (I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love my job!) * I had a British Christmas by the seaside with some small children including going to the Panto (yippee!) * I made a few new friends

Some of my more memorable facebook statuses:
13th Feb - Yesterday night I had car trouble on the way home from Rochester, and a lovely man at ASDA told me what I needed to buy and then came out in the dark and cold to help me get it sorted. I got home just fine and I learned a bit about cars. Thank you lovely ASDA man!

11th March - It's like there is a conspiracy to make me happy or something....

20th April - No, you did not see me dancing around with a random man in the High St to some xylophone music. No, not at all. Nothing to see here, move along please. 

19th Aug - 'I know my purpose in life is to change the way people see the world. And themselves'

19th Sept - The lady at the cafe gave me a free piece of courgette and coco cake- sometimes life is delightful 

30th Sept - I love my job I love my job I love my job I love my job

11th Oct - I have a physics module called 'Fires and Explosions'. I think this term is going to be fun!

19th Oct - Oxfam are having a sale on coats and jackets, so I went in to get something rainproof and came out with a calf length, light grey, fake fur coat that is not in the slightest bit rainproof but is in everyway ridiculous. All I need now is some red lipstick and a set of pearls!

16th Dec  - Ah, who can top a lecturer who compares bits of the EU to celebrity chefs and incarnations of the Doctor! I mean, really!

And now I have to go and eat cake and drink tea (and possibly gin and maybe even prosecco) with Mrs Im. Whatever you are doing for New Years I hope you have a wonderful time. See you next year!

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