Sunday, 8 December 2013

If I had a Hammer....

Yesterday in town there was a huge Christmas procession that I had to extricate myself from and ran away down a side street where I accidentally found a vintage shop I'd never seen before. There was  also a man wearing a bowler hat playing the violin while walking a tightrope. A tightrope! It was extraordinary. The whole day was like being in a parallel universe.

Today I had a pretty long day sewing - I finished off Miss T's Christmas present (photos once I've given it to her) and I finally got round to finishing off the belt to go with dress no. 2. When Fran wandered in with a hammer in hand I knew that I would have an unusual lesson!

So this little innocuous thing has a round bit at the bottom that you have to hammer into the fabric and it punches out a hole.

Then you put one end of the rivet into the hole.

Then you flip over the belt and put the other bit (like a washer) over the rivet. Then you place it on this little thing with a spike on it (that is a technical term, you know).

Then you place the tube of metal over it....

and then hammer it a few times until the rivet is squished into the fabric.

and there you have it:

I get the feeling that I'll be making more belts in the future, only because they are easy peasy and exceedingly classy you understand, not because I get to hit things quite hard. No, not at all.

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