Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Holistic Hair

Today I had a haircut for the first time in a couple of years - I only tend to think about haircuts when I'm going to weddings, the last one was for Bendy and Jamface's wedding, and since Julie and her Mr are getting married this weekend I thought it was high time for another one. I always dread the hairdresser a bit because I have quite fine, pretty frizzy / curly hair that is so wayward and I have had some pretty awful cuts in my time so I tend to be a bit conservative about what they do with it.

There is a lady who has just started doing holistic haircuts upstairs above the shop so I thought I would try it out. It wasn't supercheap but it wasn't too expensive given the price of haircuts these days. She is called Frances and she is quite floaty with a slightly hippyish thing going on until she starts cutting your hair and then she gets a bit more focused and professional. She trained with Vidal Sassoon and worked in fashion for quite a while but she left eventually because she felt like there wasn't much time to pay attention to the client and a lot of the creativity was lost. I did wonder what was holistic about it - would I get an Indian head massage or something? I didn't as it turned out. What it was about was really working with the natural texture of your hair how it is - so she asked me to wash my hair and let it dry naturally without products. While cutting my hair she put no products on it apart from spraying water on every now and then so she could work on it. She says she is looking into making her own products that are all natural, but that takes a while because they have to be tested. She spent the first 10 minutes just playing with my hair, which was lovely - feeling how it falls, looking at the texture, looking at it in context with my face - and then she pinned up most of it and started shaping it from the bottom up. She didn't seem to take much off, but she told me at the back she had removed more than three inches in some places. She said my hair was in great condition and that I had hardly any split ends! Hooray for me! All in all it should have been an hour but we got chatting for an extra half hour (I know, you never would have expected that....) before I ran downstairs to pay and get back to work. And before you ask - we didn't talk about holidays once! We mostly talked about family backgrounds, the changing relationships with your parents as you get older, her career as a stylist, what made us both come back to the area, and cafes we love. I would recommend her and I will probably see her again... maybe even before the next wedding, who knows!

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