Monday, 23 December 2013

Have Yourself a Swishy Silly Christmas

Miss T and I swapped our Christmas presents yesterday over a mulled wine and some porridge (with ice cream and molasses!) in the Chocolate Cafe. Her present is only half done but she gave me one half:

She gave me a series of envelopes with instructions on when to open them: one for when I feel sad, one for if I cut my finger, one for when I feel like a big kid. I opened the one marked 'for when you have something to celebrate'.

So much fun! I will have to appropriate this gift idea... and I've got more coming! I'm going to get the next installment in the new year.

May I present Miss T's Christmas present! It's the first thing I've sewn for someone else, and also the first time I have made a circle skirt. She knew I was making something for her because I asked for her measurements. I asked her about fabrics and she said quite firmly that she wanted no florals, and if I was going to give her colours the least I could do would be some ridiculous animal pattern. Luckily I found a fabulous fabric that is not too colourful so she needn't panic.

Cutting the skirt was easy peasy lemon squeezy - I followed the instructions in this post by Dana Made It and drew the pattern out onto parcel paper. Then I cut the fabric and stitched together the pieces and put the pockets in. I actually did most of the skirt myself (hurrah!) but I consulted Fran about putting the waistband in. I had to go over that a few times because I'd gotten fabric caught while I was stitching but I got there in the end. I also learned how to do a button hole on the machine.

There is an attachment that you can use that will gage the size of the button and then stitch a hole to that size. It was being pretty temperamental but Fran got it to work in the end.

Then I just got a seam ripper and ripped a hole in between the rows of stitching.

Then I did the hem and went over all the seams including the pockets. Because every skirt should have pockets.

Then it was all ready to be wrapped and put under the tree. Or in this case handed over with a glass of wine.

She was really happy with it, so happy she has decided that I will be her personal tailor (like the costume designer in The Incredibles!). She wants to commission me and pay me for skirts because she loved the fabric so much. She put it on over her jeans and it fit. Phew! This will definitely be out for the next Jive night!

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