Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Actually

This year my dad and step mum are away so I didn't go over to them for the holidays as I usually do. When I mentioned this to Fairy Princess Mummy she immediately invited me over for Christmas with them, I didn't even have to ask which was lovely.

FP Daddy picked me up on Monday night, I had a brief glimpse of a very sleepy Fairy Princess before she went up to bed. FP Daddy went out to get the shopping in for the next few days and FP Mummy wrapped some presents while I made some table ornaments - I was supposed to be covering polystyrene snowflakes and bells in glitter (a la Kirsty Allsop) but really I covered myself and, well, just about everything in the process.

On Christmas eve, we all had a late breakfast in our pyjamas and played with the girls for the morning. We ended up smashing a glass that had table decorations in it. In the afternoon, the family was going to the Panto. I'm usually out of the country and my parents are foreign so I've never been to Panto before... It was so exciting! It started at 2pm, the theatre was tiny, I managed to get a seat near the rest of the family which was lucky. It was an amateur production of Cinderella so it was a little bit rough at the edges which was fun. There was a fairy trying to get her wings and wand by helping Cinderella, Buttons was hilarious, the Prince was Charming (though a bit wooden really), his assistant was brilliant and the Ugly Sisters were fantastic pantomime dames. They had all the brilliant references to pop culture - Who let the dogs out, What does the fox say, One Direction - and the classic lines - It's behind yoooooou!, Oh no it isn't! Oh yes it is! and saucy jokes from the Ugly Sisters. We had to shout things, we had to look under our seats for a lost key and we had a little sing-song competition between one side of the theatre and the other (it was a draw, of course). It was everything I'd expected, I had so much fun! 

We then went back to the house and had dinner and a few drinks with FP Nana and Grandad, which was nice. We ended the night by putting out milk and stollen for Santa and some food for the reindeer (porridge oats, pumpkin seeds, glitter and some chunks of carrot) and the Princesses cleared the way around the fireplace so that Santa could get through. ('It's a very small fireplace, how does Santa get through?' 'I'm not sure, maybe he's magic' 'Maybe he magics himself small'). Once they'd gone to bed we put all the rest of the presents under the tree and FP Mummy finished sorting out their stockings while we watched a few episodes of 'Psych'. As it was we ended up staying up until half past one and getting really quite sloshed.

The next morning the Princesses had already opened their stocking presents, then when I came down about 8am they opened Santas presents (and got really excited when they saw that the stollen had been eaten and the milk had been drunk). We had breakfast (bacon butties, and a cheese and tomato toastie for me) and then we all opened the family presents together.  I got a little short story by Alice Munro, Rogerson's Book of Numbers and Finn Family Moomintroll and a Christmas cup full of sweets and a tiny felt Christmas pudding made by FP Mummy. Both the kids were so surprised and happy about all of their presents it was lovely. We managed to smash another glass and drench my panettone in champagne - oh well, we cleaned up the mess and I got changed while FP Daddy poured me another glass of bubbly. Some neighbours came round for a while and then Elder Princess and I had a bash at putting a snow globe together and played with lots of other things while FP Daddy got to work in the kitchen.

We had a slightly unusual Christmas lunch - everyone else had a salmon and prawn mousse as a starter, while I had cheese and crackers, for the main we had paella (I got the veggie one). Not exactly turkey and roast potatoes and sprouts but that was fine by me! In between the two courses, the girls and I messed around with our crackers and pretended they were mustaches, ships, horses, earrings, hairpieces, necklaces, snakes, flutes, trumpets among other things. We pulled them over the main course and told all the terrible jokes and put on our paper hats. After the paella, we took a break for a while (in my case literally - I went up for a half an hour nap) and put together a lego snowman and played Peppa Pig. Later on we had dessert - which consisted of making up our own knickerbocker glory sundaes. So brilliant! 

Several other neighbours came round, I think I met the whole street by the end of the day! We broke another glass - I can really say that I had a smashing Christmas! Once the girls had gone to bed we cleaned up and watched Doctor Who regenerate (bye bye Matt Smith, hello Peter Capaldi) and some QI and then had a good old chit chat before hitting the hay.

This morning the family were due to go to FP Nana and Grandad's and I was going to be put on a train. The trains weren't running and the car decided it wasn't going anywhere so we all trooped back in the house and had some lunch while we waited for the roadside services to come out. An hour later the car was tickety boo and we all piled back in and set off. They dropped me back near home somewhere and I got to come home to a cold house all on my own. I found a package of gifts waiting for me from my dad: Integral SpiritualityPhenomenon of Man and Will of an Eccentric. I'm not short on reading material! I've put the heating on, I've started a new dress and I've got music cranked up.

It was such a lovely few days - it may not have been my usual routine, but I got my family Christmas after all! Smashing!

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