Friday, 8 November 2013

Weekly Roundup

I trust you've all had a good week? Other than being pretty tired and having a slight case of post-festival blues, everything is pretty tip top at the moment. The air is pretty crisp, but still fairly sunny, so I get some sunshine and yet still get a chance to eat lots of soup, drink lots of cocoa and wear lots of knitwear. Which is surely the best reason for winter existing, right?

I met a lovely young man a couple of weeks ago just before I went away. He was wearing a knitted tie! and it was stripey! It seemed like we had a bit of chemistry, so when I got back I sought him out and asked him out for a coffee. I'm sad to say that he didn't really take me up on the offer. Oh well. I did put myself out there and I'm not usually very good at that type of thing so well done me.

In other news, I have just had a little mini spending spree - I would say it's to console myself, but frankly it's just because I like fabric - which is why I shouldn't go on the internet in the middle of the night. But it's done now, so hey ho, I'm just going to have to enjoy it all coming through the post. My friends have been bothering me about how much I would suit a wiggle dress, so I picked up a copy of a pattern that I've been umming and ahhhing about for a while, the Elisalex dress:

I also picked up a couple of 1940s blouse patterns from Etsy including this one:

and some delightful fabric from including some of this:

I'm also nearly finished with dress no. 3, so you'll have an update on that soon so a few more sewing posts in the next few weeks I think. Hurrah!


  1. sewing excitement! really inspiring - i really want to build my sewing skills. and, good on ya for putting yourself out there. xox

    1. Well, you've got to try haven't you? Plenty more fish in the sea, as they say. I'd love to see any stitchery you get up to... I bet it would be really bright and sparkly! xxx